My dearest reader, I have reached something of a milestone.

On Tuesday, the 26th of September I will celebrate my 46th run around the sun.

What follows are 46 lessons, written as if I were giving them as pieces of advice to my younger, far less wise but no less devilishly handsome self.

1. Possessions are a myth and a burden. You’re already wealthy beyond measure, even if you can’t see it.

2. Science is a belief system like any other. Trust your own intuition over dogmatic systems.

3. Offence is not given, it’s taken.

4. Everything in this life involves choices. Everything.

5. If you can’t win the game, change the rules.

6. Be wary of your words. Hate is a word that should rarely, if ever, be used.

7. If it doesn’t kill you, laugh at it.

8. Sing your song and never let anyone change the lyrics.

9. Love is nothing like the movies, it’s better.

10. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a fantasy. Focus on today. Live in this moment.

11. If you’re bored, you’re doing something wrong.

12. There’s no such thing as luck.

13. Don’t just see, observe. Don’t just hear, listen. Don’t just feel, experience.

14. The journey is always more important than the destination.

15. People are generally good. Sometimes self-absorbed, even thoughtless, but overall good. True evil is quite rare.

16. If someone hurts you, forgive and move on. Grudges and animosity only hurts you, not them.

17. Marketing is about psychology, not hypnosis. You bought that thing because you wanted it. Accept that truth and make better decisions.

18. Put down the phone and look around at the world. SEE it with your own eyes. It will be gone soon enough.

19. Tell her how much you love her. Better yet, SHOW her.

20. Reading will set you free.

21. Pay no attention to “genres” and other feeble attempts to isolate and segregate. Try everything out, keep what you like, discard what you don’t.

22. Play in the rain.

23. Asking for help is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, which is why you need to do it.

24. You’re not alone.

25. You’ll never see the world the way others do. This is a good thing. Embrace it.

26. There is no shame is not knowing something.

27. Wear sunscreen.

28. Love is the answer. The question is irrelevant.

29. Always mature. Never grow up.

30. Inspire someone.

31. It’s not too late. Do it anyway.

32. The words you don’t say matter as much as the words you do say.

33. Write something every day.

34. Sitting in silence each day will quiet your mind and open your heart.

35. Laugh until you cry.

36. Cry until you laugh.

37. Give freely. Others need it more than you ever will.

38. Preserve the magic. Never explain.

39. Everything is better with friends.

40. Sharing a meal with someone is a beautiful and spiritual experience.

41. Try everything twice, just to be sure.

42. Being moved to tears by beauty or tragedy is one of life’s gifts.

43. No matter what you may think, you ARE good enough.

44. Don’t stay in once place too long. Your path lies elsewhere.

45. You’ll find love you can’t describe, and you’ll experience pain you can’t imagine. Both will be worth every damn moment.

46. She forgives you.

This life is full of lessons if we’re willing to listen. Despite many challenges and tragedies, I’ve come to understand that the life I’ve been given has been one blessing after another, and that I’m a better person for having experienced it.


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