So who (or what) is a “Mackenzie Clench?”

Well first of all, I’m not “a” Mackenzie Clench, but “the” Mackenzie Clench. The definite article you might say…

I’m the CEO and Chief Fuss Maker of a company called (rather appropriately I think) Mackenzie Clench Creative.

My work with MCC requires that I wear many hats:

Creative Mentor hat: I help amazing humans just like you tap into their natural creative problem solving abilities and use them to enhance their work and lives.

Creative Consultant hat: I work with business-humans (again, those who look suspiciously like you) to help them identify and refine their branding and messaging to speak to their audience with authenticity and passion.

Writer hat: I collaborate with entrepreneur-humans like you (seeing a pattern here?) to create branding and content that draws a through-line from the heart of their businesses to the heart of their ideal customers. I also write books!

Pork Pie hat: I just think pork pie hats are kind of groovy.

So that’s the “work” bio, but what about me personally?

Well… I’m an author, empath and ten-cent philosopher with an obsession for books and words that borders on the pathological. I believe that 1 + 1 = 3 and that women truly are the future. My favourite dinosaur is the thesaurus and I have been known to – with full awareness of my actions and with little to no regard for public safety or even human decency – end sentences with a preposition. I have no regrets.

Not enough? Ok… I’m a foodie and a passionately amateur cook who can spend far more time in a Bed, Bath and Beyond than is entirely healthy for a human-shaped human of my age and fighting weight.

Still not satisfied? In that case, I would direct your attention to my essays. Like any good writer, the majority of what and who I am can be found among the words.

I’ve had the honour of working with clients from every corner of the internet, (who knew the internet had corners?) but there’s really only one way to know whether or not we’d be a great fit – we need to talk.

So… let’s talk!

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