Hola space cadets!

I come before you today armed with a delightful query to rattle about in your cranial cavities.

Riddle me this:

When something goes wrong in your life or business, do you take the blame or do you take responsibility?

“Wait… what? They’re the same thing aren’t they?” I somehow hear you say, despite the fact that you’re typing.

BZZT! Oh I’m so sorry! That wasn’t the answer we were looking for!

While in our daily chit-chat we often do use “blame” and “responsibility” interchangeably, the more perspicacious of you will have no doubt discerned the very real difference between them.

So what IS the difference? Let’s find out shall we?

We all know that assigning blame in a situation is largely a useless gesture. It solves nothing and is quite often disingenuous. However, TAKING blame is also a largely futile gesture.

It seems very noble doesn’t it? Taking one for the team, falling on one’s sword, etc. Very much the path of the martyr, and also entirely ego-driven.

Oh yes kids, I said ego-driven. Blame takes your sorry ass on an ego trip long enough to qualify for beverage cart service.

You see, taking the blame for something simply means accepting some form of punishment for a perceived wrongdoing. There isn’t a hint of actual reparation or action to be taken. It’s an entirely passive process – a gateway drug to rampant self flagellation.

Taking blame sends you down a dangerous road campers. A road lined with self pity’s greatest hits, such as, “Fear made me…” and “I can’t do that because…” and the every popular, “Yeah but…”

True fact: On the satnav of life, the offramp to hell is the first right after “Yeah but…” True story.

On the other hand, responsibility is a totally different animal. While it can carry some of the same ego baggage that blame does, responsibility is a far more active process.

When you say things like, “I’m responsible for the success or failure of my business,” well… you activate some serious fucking voodoo campers.

Taking responsibility is really about taking control. Control of your life, your circumstances and the decisions that create them.

It means playing the long game – understanding that every decision you make now will have consequences down the road.

Most importantly, responsibility means taking action in some form.

So my friendly neighbourhood dudes and dudettes, I ask you again:

Which road will you take? Blame or responsibility?

Choose carefully, choose boldly, but good lord on a tin bicycle…


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