…Actually, it is what you know.

I’ve got a story to share that I hope will inspire, or at least, kill a few minutes between cat videos.

Yesterday I took a HUGE step toward conquering fear and reaching a dream: I’ve worked out the budget for leaving this delightful drug-filled daycare of the damned and moving 5000km (3100 miles for my American friends) to Vancouver, British Columbia – a goal I’ve wanted since I was a teenager.

You may wonder why I’m only now doing this, considering how long I’ve wanted it.

The answer? I’m ashamed to say I was living in fear.

I was hiding behind the fear that it was “too expensive.” I had created scenarios in my mind of prohibitive costs and impossible requirements to make my dream happen.

Like Aristotle, who made bold claims about the world, but never once conducted an actual experiment to verify his claims, I was too scared to actually work out the numbers for moving across the country.

So I swallowed my fear and actually worked it out. From money for two month’s rent, to food and even an emergency fund should it be required, I worked out exactly how much I would need to make the move viable:

Fulfilling my dream will cost me $4500.

Now, do I have $4500? No… not even close. At this particular moment I’m approximately $4,493.27 short of that goal. (NOTE: I’m long past the point where I find that embarrassing.)

However that’s not the point. The point is, it’s absolutely achievable. SURPRISINGLY achievable in fact.

I wouldn’t have known this until I finally stopped making assumptions, stopped hiding behind my fear of how it MIGHT be, and ran the numbers.

To say I’m pleasantly surprised and excited is an understatement. I’m thrilled that my dream can and will happen this year. In fact, I’m shooting to have it happen within two months.

These actions, along with some deep meditation this morning, has led me to an interesting conclusion:

Fear thrives on ignorance, and chokes on knowledge.

Therefore, if you’re struggling with fear about reaching your dreams, you don’t lack courage, you lack information.

While I take no pride in my embarrassingly Aristotelian behaviour, I also refuse to beat myself up over it, as it would solve nothing. The important thing is, I’ve actually armed myself with the information I need, and from there, I can take action and make this happen!

What information are you lacking to reach your dreams?

The more you know…

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