Ladies and gentlehumans, I have no desire to use this space as a platform from which to render edicts or proclamations. I don’t wish to tell people what to, or even suggest that what they ARE doing is somehow wrong. I simply share my thoughts and offer up suggestions for discussion and thought. As often as not, my ideas may be dismissed or ignored entirely, and I have no issue with that.

However, on this day, I beg your forgiveness as I step outside my standard modus operandi and passionately ask something of you, my dear and long suffering reader.

As the perspicacious and cosmopolitan human that you are, you are no doubt aware that today is Lover’s Day, a day when we celebrate those who have blessed us with their continued presence. Less well known (and far less commercialized) than Valentine’s Day, this day is – rather appropriately – a private and intimate affair. It’s less about announcing your love to the world and more about reinforcing the bonds that already exist, quietly and passionately.

Dear reader, I’m no expert when it comes to love. I have no credentials or certifications in the amorous arts. My only qualifications for opining on this topic is the fact that I have been eternally blessed to have, in the past – for reasons that defy my understanding – been loved in ways that exceed the abilities of this humble correspondent to articulate. This will have to suffice.

On this Lover’s Day, eschew the usual materialistic trappings of affection.

Forget the flowers. Circumvent the chocolates. Hold back on the heart-shaped bric-a-brac.

Simply go to your lover, your partner-in-crime, your inamorata/inamorato.

Put down the phone, and turn off the television.

Take their hand, look into their eyes, and tell them how you feel.

But don’t just say “I love you” in that mechanical way we all seem to use for our conversations.

Say it as if those are the last words you’ll ever be able to say to them.

This existence in which we live is so preciously, so terrifyingly brief, we can’t afford to waste a single moment. If you’ve been blessed to have someone in your life whom you love, don’t wait.

You don’t need a holiday, and you certainly don’t need cajoling from an absurd scribbler on the world-wide-inter-web-net, but you have it all the same.

My carbon-based comrades, I may not be an expert on love, but I have a great deal of experience with the brevity of life. I was fortunate to have said all the things I wished to in the short time I had with my beloved, but everyday people go about their lives never sharing their intimate feelings with their significant others, assuming that their partner “already knows.”

There is nothing more heartbreaking than words left unsaid. To love passionately and to not say anything isn’t just heartbreaking.

It’s madness.

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