You know that you’re an intelligent, successful and driven carbon-based lifeform, but do you believe it as well?

If I may be so bold, allow me to download this vital chunk of intel to your cranial cavities:

There’s a fundamental difference between “knowing” and “believing” something.

At this point dear reader you may think I’m mad as a brush, but I must inform you that you’re about 40 years too late in that particular diagnosis. My point is this: Knowing is an intellectual process, while belief is an emotional one. And belief is a massively powerful tool for success.

You see, when you believe something to be true, it can endure the harsh glare of criticism far more effectively than just knowing the facts. Belief has created empires, and destroyed them too. It causes average humans to do decidedly greater than average things – both good and bad.

Some might point to the age old debate of religion vs. science. The rigid adherence to cold hard facts by science rarely makes a dent in the armour of those buttressed by their beliefs. The opposite is also true. Even the most impassioned entreaty on the subject of faith will not mean a tinker’s damn to those festooned within the comforting arms of science.

That fact that both camps are far more alike than either will ever admit is largely immaterial… and a subject that must wait for its own essay. Another tale for another time dear reader.

To put it another way: Knowledge takes care of the what and the how, but belief controls the all-important why.

As you go out into the world being your awesome and badass carbon-based selves, pay attention to the facts that surround you, showing just how far you’ve come and everything you’re capable of accomplishing, but don’t rely on them. Go deeper, make a powerful emotional connection to the ass-kicking, world-changing human that lives deep inside you.

I know that that the lifeforms reading these words are abso-fucking-lutely amazing – I see the evidence of that every day. But I also believe it passionately.

How about you?

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