“A blog is great tool for your business,” they said…

“Your website needs effective messaging,” they said…

It seems like every business bright spark with an opinion and a wifi connection is blathering about the importance of blogging to educate and connect with your audience. That’s all well and good, but when the hell are you supposed to write the blasted things?

That’s where I come in.

Using my blog content packages, I’ll work with you to draft relevant and informative posts in your own unique brand voice. Don’t have a blog? No problem! These posts can be easily repurposed as articles for submission to industry publications or other websites.

The package comes in four distinct (and may I say rather tasty) flavours:

Ready to work with me?

Allow me to use my copywriting superpowers to draw a through-line from the heart of your business, to the heart of your clients. Set up a meeting today!

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