Dudes and dudettes of the humanoid persuasion, pardon me while I go all David Attenborough on you for a few momentos: Did you know that elephants can sing?

No, I don’t meant the trumpeting blast that we always associate with the members of Elephantidae Proboscidea.

I’m talking about the deep, bass refrain these magnificent pachyderms intone to keep herds together, communicate and sometimes, attract a mate.

It’s true. A group of cephalically-enhanced rocket-surgeons have determined that elephants indeed do sing to each other, but in the ultrasonic range – so low that humans can’t hear their plaintive and haunting melodies.

The loss is ours, but it does prove a point about you and your message.

“Now hang on,” I hear you exclaim with endearing exasperation, despite the fact that you’re typing. “What in Dumbo’s name does elephant singing have to do with my messaging?”

Steady on dear reader, for all shall become clear in the briefest of temporal increments.

You see, it doesn’t matter how passionate you are. It doesn’t matter how awesome your business is or how effective your products and services can be at changing people’s lives, there will be people who will simply not hear what you have to say.

Like we humans, who cannot hear the baritone ballads of our friends the elephant, and will sadly remain innocent of such an ennobling experience, there are those who will not “get” what you do.

And that’s OK.

When you are standing knee-deep in your truth and elbow-deep in your purpose… When, with every ounce of your passion you throw back your head and let loose what Florence + The Machine would call, “an almighty sound…”

You will be heard.

You will be understood.

Those who resonate to your song are your ideal audience, those groovy humans who are out there right now… searching for what you offer. Searching for you.

The elephants don’t concern themselves because the strange, tiny pink bipeds can’t hear their song. They just sing their beautiful songs secure int he knowledge that someone is out there, listening.

On this and every other day my carbon-based compatriots, throw back your head and sing your song.

Your audience is listening.

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