Storyteller Mentoring Program

Tell Us a Story…

“God created man because he loves to hear stories.”

So said novelist and human rights activist Elie Weisel.

We are all storytellers my carbon-based compadres. All of us, including you.

If you’re like most people, – and unless you’re an alien who’s just arrived from Romulus V that’s a pretty safe bet – the thought that ran through your mind when you read that was probably, “Oh no, I’m not a storyteller because…”

Psst! That little ditty in, in fact, is a story. One you’ve told yourself. Busted!

So many human-flavoured humans want to write, but most never follow through.

Whether it’s content for their business, an article or the next great novel, they simultaneously hold on to the dream of being a writer AND the belief that they aren’t talented enough to do it themselves.

That, my dear and decidedly unfeathered friends, is complete and total bovine-excrement and I’m here to prove it!

How? Through a newly revamped, Nobel Prize-winning mentoring program I like to call, Storyteller! (See what I did there?)

“Alright… it’s a clever name, but what exactly IS this Storyteller thing?”

Incisive as always my dear friend. I appreciate that, and have provided the requested info below. Read on MacDuff!

STORYTELLER is a 4-week mentoring program designed to help humans (who look suspiciously like you) tap into, and enhance, their natural creative and storytelling gifts.

We won’t rehash your high school English classes, obsess over split infinitives or fumble with dangling participles.

Instead, we’ll demystify creativity in general (and the writing process in particular) to refine your communication skills and share your story with your audience in a way that touches them in a human way.

“So what’s the benefit in being able to tell stories?” I hear you ask.

You want benefits? I’ve got your benefits right here!

  • Create powerful content (blog posts, articles, etc.) as needed without having to resort to an outside writer!
  • Build a cohesive story around your business and brand, one that your clients can really resonate with!
  • Share that short story / novel / article you’ve always wanted to write with the world!
  • Stand out in your industry by sharing your unique ideas and perspective!
  • Take pride in the creation of something beautiful that is uniquely and genuinely yours!

During these 4 weeks you will:

  • Identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from accessing your gifts.
  • Unearth natural creative talents you didn’t know you possessed.
  • Explore the writing process, from initial idea to creation and editing.
  • Learn the fundamentals of copywriting and discover how they can help you in ways beyond business.
  • Discover how to leverage your new-found superpowers in business and life.
  • Learn to say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards. (A vital skill I think you’ll agree.)

Here’s what you’ll get with the program:

  • 4 weekly 45-minute sessions via Zoom.
  • Prompts and exercises for creativity, writing, journaling and mindset.
  • Email access to me at any time during the program for any questions or issues that might come up.
  • 2 post-program follow up sessions via Zoom (30 minutes each) to check on your progress and help you maintain momentum.

The investment for this bodacious bootcamp is just $1444 USD!

I’m currently taking on THREE lovely human-shaped humans for this course. Once those spots are filled, another spot won’t open again until August 31!

Psst! That’s your cue… Hit the button below and set up a meeting today. We’ll chat about the program and decide if it’s the right one for you.

If it is… well you’d better hang on because the fun will just be starting!

You have a beautiful, moving, funny and utterly unique story to tell, and your audience is listening.

Shall we begin?

Ready to work with me?

Allow me to use my copywriting superpowers to draw a through-line from the heart of your business, to the heart of your clients. Set up a meeting today!

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