Greetings and salutations to the groovy lifeforms that inhabit this consensual hallucination we call the world-wide-inter-web-net!

(Because “Hello” is mucho boring…)

I hope you’ll indulge me for the briefest of instants while I trip the geek fantastic to make what I think is a very valid point.

The Captain of the Starship Enterprise, James T. Kirk, once offered this rather useful chunk of clever sagacity:

“A commander can be wrong, but never indecisive.”

How true that is. Whether you’re commanding a fictional starship or your own life, indecisiveness is toxic to your goals, your self worth and even the morale of those around you. A wrong decision can be repaired or dealt with. Making no decision at all gets you nowhere.

An equally commanding (and decidedly less fictional) US Navy Fleet Admiral by the name of William “Bull” Halsey Jr. had this to say on the subject:

“If you’re in command… COMMAND!”

Pithy and to the point. Though I suppose, when your nickname is “Bull,” one would expect a certain degree of laconic incisiveness.

So where exactly am I going with this?

I’ve always been a dreamer. It’s a trait I value in myself and in others. Dreams are just creativity showing itself to the world.

However dreams need a little help if they are to be made manifest.

One of the most powerful (and fun) parts of morning meditating and journaling is my visualization practice. I powerfully visualize the life I’m currently building, in as much graphic detail as possible. I infuse it with a sense of reality, as if it’s already happened.

My favourite visualization is my living / creative space. I have an image that I use as a guide (the one below, though I’ve already made modifications) to help this process along. I can hear the sound of the air conditioner, feel the wood floor beneath my feet, the warmth of the sun shining through the massive windows… it’s real. It exists. And I created it.

Make no mistake campers, this is NOT wishing.

Hell, it’s not even wanting.


Here’s an interesting factoid with which to impress your friends and annoy your enemies:

The word “decide” comes from the Latin word, dēcīdere, meaning, “to cut off.”

When you decide, you’re essentially cutting off any other option. It’s an uber-powerful tool and one that we often take for granted.

What you are telling the universe is:

“THIS is what I have created. THIS is what I already possess.”

Making that distinction adds a level of reality to your dreams and turn them into actions. The universe, being as groovy as it is, will take a cure from your decisions (and your actions) to make the reality you’ve created… a reality.

Ladies and gentlebeings of the jury, I say unto you, YOU are in command of your life. YOU are the architect, the builder and the person in the Big Chair. You’ve got the entire palette of the universe to choose from. What will you create?

The decision is yours.

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